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To think differently is to act differently. To act differently is to achieve differently. Many workshops offer sales and negotiation advice, but I go further in driving your business forward by prompting you to answer the question: what does my customer want?

What does your customer want? Once you can answer this question, specifically and in detail, you’ll turn your business and sales around.

There are many traditional sales and negotiation courses, but my workshops will ask you to review all aspects of how you sell goods and services in order to turn techniques on their head, and to find out what your buyer needs.

I run workshops with CEOs, MDs, and wider SME employees to change their selling mindset. In these sessions we’ll explore how to acquire the best mindset for your business, plus the skills and techniques needed to achieve on-going increased profit.

Whether you are starting out on your career, already working in a Buying role or you are regularly dealing with Buyers, my courses will help you think like a Buyer and I will share many tips and hints on how to progress and develop your skills. Together we’ll delve into new skills and techniques that will result in a real impact on final profit.

New for 2021 are my online courses ‘The Buyers Bootcamp’ including

  • The Role of the Buyer – Explained
  • Assortment Planning and Range Building Made Simple
  • Art of Negotiation – A Buyers Perspective
  • The Buyers Toolbox – It’s not all about % margin

Take a look at my online taster course The Expertise of the Buyer.

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Initial discussions to investigate which aspects of my portfolio are most applicable to your business. This is dependant on target audience (business and/or peer group), as well as your end goals. I’ll advise on the best training strategy, including number of modules and timeframe. We’ll discuss your current business and I’ll offer an objective analysis on a bespoke training system in order to equip your team for success.

Training modules include:

– Buyer/seller relationships
– Unique Selling Point (USP) VS Unique Buying Point (UBP)
– Buyer’s mindset
– Building the perfect sales presentation (from a buyer’s perspective)
– Streamlining your supply/product base
– Understanding your buyer/customers needs

– Plus more.

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Training programmes/workshops can be held face-to-face or virtually for large or small groups (this will be confirmed via our consultation results). All workshops and training sessions are developed as a bespoke programme, designed to fill the gaps where you need it most.

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Follow Up

Post-training and at your request, I can run a review of implementation and results.

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