New Concept Development

In this digital age of retail and informed shoppers it is essential to stay ahead of the game and revolutionise your retail offer by whatever means possible. Remaining stagnant is not an option as witnessed by many high street stores today.

Whilst consumers recognise branded stores especially high street names, within Travel Retail the options are slightly different, there is a constant need to excite and thrill the passenger, engage them in the unexpected and encourage them to shop in a new or different environment.

For many years I have been instrumental in the concept and design of some revolutionary concepts suitable for the market at that time. In the late 90’s I developed the first airport surfstore ‘Tsunami’ in Manchester Airport, selling contemporary surf and skate clothing, accessories, watches and jewellery. The concept won the Best New Airport Concept at the Frontier Awards in Cannes in 1999, which was significant given the abolition of Duty Free in Europe in the same year.

More recently through working in collaboration with other departments I have been instrumental in developing the successful category concepts of Sunglasses Boutique, Watch Boutique and Collections Stores across different countries. I have also worked very closely with renowned brands such as Pandora and most recently the Luxury Brand Bvlgari to open new concept Pop -up stores that have been extremely successful and expanded globally.

new concept development


Strategic Assessment

Initial discussions to understand the purpose of the concept, where it is planned for, customer profile and potential for expansion. This enables further market research into the category and competitors within the field.

strategic puzzle

Planning and Engagement

Working with the various departments including the design team to brief the basis of the project, timelines to be met and if required project manage the concept development.

Major stakeholders will be involved at an early stage and the concept shared with the operational team to ensure their engagement. It is important to understand the consideration regarding storage, shelf fill, accessibility, security etc before confirming final designs.

Proposed suppliers will also need to engage at an early stage to ensure adequate and balanced stock available within the required timeline and plan efficient re-order process.

planning and engagement


Financial controls will be established with sales forecasts and business plan issued as required. Regular project updates and timeline checklists with suppliers where necessary.

Assistance with making presentations to landlords and senior management to ensure all are aligned and supportive.

strategic reporting


Working to specific timelines, ensure all parties, project construction, merchandising and supply chain are all confirmed, along with commercial teams to ensure efficient openings.

Follow up sales regularly to ensure budgets sales are met or action recommended.


Working Together Every Step of the Way

I will advise and work with your teams each step of the way to ensure the development of a new concept from Idea, through to Execution.

Let me help you develop your new concept.
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