Case Studies

The Buyer’s Mindset Workshop:
Training CEOs and MDs to think differently about business

Moyra Race Buyer's mindset workshop
Moyra Race Buyer’s mindset workshop

Context and Challenge

Following recommendation of my experience and skills, I was approached by a successful peer group in Belfast to present a workshop aimed at future-proofing their businesses and sales.

The workshop needed to be applicable to a varied audience, not only within retail but to also include senior lawyers, accountants, and experienced speakers.

The goal was to push the group of CEOs and MDs to challenge their current business models, exploring how they could attract more customers and convert more sales.


I created a bespoke, interactive and engaging workshop that allowed the varied audience to navigate towards a new way of thinking – ‘The Buyer’s Mindset’.

By developing their way of thinking and prompting them to understand their end-customer in more detail, attendees would benefit from increased business leads, sales and profit.

The final workshop comprised of varied modules including; exploring buyer/seller relationships, understanding ‘The Buyer’s Mindset’, developing a Unique Selling Point (USP) and Unique Buying Point (UBP), and improving the sales pitch.

Real life experiences were used to explain the rationale and support the theories.


By understanding the new approach to selling, attendees have been able to better understand client needs and in turn change the way they approach business. It was also clear that attendees completed the workshop with renewed excitement and energy about their respective businesses:


Moyra ran a fabulous morning session at our monthly ALCHEMISTS Business Owners, CEOs & MDs high performance peer group in Belfast. Our members got a huge amount out of the session “The Buyers Mindset” and have started implementing their UBP’s within days. Great challenging and enlightening day. Thank you. most appreciated” –

– Alan Branagh Chair and Founder Alchemists

I had the pleasure of attending one of Moyra’s workshops recently with a group of business leaders and I would highly recommend it. The concept of getting into the mind of the ‘buyer’, or in my legal world, the ‘client’ was so enlightening and helped me approach client service in a whole different way as well as my approach to attracting new business. It was practical and effective and I was pleasantly surprised at how widely applicable is is to all businesses, including professional services”.

– Dorcas Crawford Lawyer | Mediator | Expert in Conflict Management | TEDx Speaker | Facilitator

Early January 2020 I was invited to attend a session run by Moyra for a group of Alchemists in Belfast. Moyra’s buyer’s industry insider knowledge, valuable experience and engaging trainer style ensured I really got a lot from this session. In a world where our most precious commodity is time, it is something that’s well spent with Moyra, the difference between USP and UBP has been the topic of many a conversation since! Thank you Moyra you really know your stuff”.

– Vivian McKinnon | F;entrepreneur | Author | Hydro-ease, Trauma Therapist, Mental Health First Aid | International Public Speaker

Martin James of London: 100% increase in distribution

Moyra Race Martin James of London
Moyra Race Martin James of London

Context and Challenge

A long-standing, small, family run jewellery business that was looking for the next stage of brand development, in order to break into global markets.

A need to develop a strong marketing strategy to increase brand recognition both at home and internationally, as well as to offer competitive commercial terms leading to improved profitability.


Identification of business revamp requirements. Creation of a strong company presentation reinforcing USP and CEO experience, alongside clear company goals and mission statement.

A focus on core values in order to reinforce market awareness, and in turn, market position.

Redesign of airport merchandising units to refresh and update offering, alongside creation of bespoke cruise ship promotional tables and bespoke options for the domestic market as longer term development. 


100% growth in distribution within existing and new stockists, and a strong growth curve. Continued aims to be the preferred partner for bespoke jewellery in travel retail. Solving the needs of the cruise line business with an innovate approach to promotion tables.

Sunglasses Category Development WDF: Increased sales of over 300% in five years

Employed as Global Category Manager Sunglasses it was my task to strategically grow the category sales by more than 10% annually whilst increasing profitability year on year.

Moyra Race sunglasses WDF
Moyra Race sunglasses WDF

Context and Challenge

The business was decreasing in year-on-year sales profits and needed to reverse this, while strategically growing sales at 10% annually.

In addition, there was a clear need for team building, improved communication, common goals and KPIs across their global business with varying cultures and operational requirements, as well as the need for supplier investment and support.


Investment in all aspects of the buying team’s roles (reviewing ranges, product grading, brand ranging, space planning, customer flows, etc).

Review of the supply chain process in order to identify areas of improvement for order placing, lead times, key lines, stock, and more.

Establishing a test market (UK), in which we achieved a model for sustainable growth that other markets could follow by using overseas training sessions.

Strong marketing plan put into action creating high in-store traffic and resulting in strong incremental sales.

Identifying and implementing a second-round sales push to drive cash margin during off-peak season.


An incredible sales increase of 300% in five years, with increased percentage profitability year-on-year.

Enhanced team coordination and management support, highlighted via becoming recipients of a Head Office Team of the Year award.

Growth of the category into new areas, plus initial concepts rolled out as part of a global programme.

Pandora Stores – A new way to retail: Expanding brand growth and visibility in Travel Retail

Moyra Race Pandora
Moyra Race Pandora

Several years ago during the rising success of market leader, Pandora, I was tasked with finding a way to expand the brand within Travel Retail. 

The brand was already present in various airports, within many of the Tax Free Stores performing extremely well.

Context and Challenge

Expansion into travel retail for an already successful brand, ensuring not to cannibalise the existing business.

Navigating lucrative airport selling space – a highly saturated market. A need to ensure growth and high visibility.

Considerations towards the specific space requirements needed to support brand growth.

Process and Insight

Airport authority negotiations to establish a space for pop-up stores; this included length of contract, building restrictions and safety requirements. Brand negotiations to establish brand expectations such as range, size, depth, staffing requirements and expected sales turnover.

The trinity negotiation (airport/supplier/operator) was a challenge to ensure the contract would be profitable for all, within the operating time frame.

Detailed work involved ranging plus listing and grading products with close co-operation from supply chain and operational teams.


Success in trialling a Pandora pop-up store, with 6 profitable stores trading across UK airports.

The decision for some of the pop-up stores to continue trading as ‘permanent pop-up’ stores in UK airports today.

Bvlgari Pop Up Store Launch: A new dimension in luxury retail

Moyra Race bvlgari
Moyra Race bvlgari

Context and Challenge.

A brand desire to return to trading space in Heathrow Terminal 5, yet faced with a long wait list and the need to prove sales potential.

Process and Insight

Working in close collaboration with Bvlgari and airport authorities, I critiqued designs for a pop-up store. At this point no luxury brand had considered the pop-up store concept.

On concept establishment, designs were presented, negotiated and agreed across all involved parties – including brand and airport senior management – taking into account multiple considerations such as security, staffing, capacity, safety.

Parallel negotiations for the same concept to run in Helsinki Airport, including snagging lists and an advisory plan for the Heathrow store.

Accurate delivery of a complex concept taking into account stock, fill and replenish, quantity, timescales, and communications.

Project managing the timeline for made-to-order product with a six month lead time, managing the required stock levels across existing stores, whilst ensuring stock availability for new openings.

Ensuring the business was aware of stock commitment and liability, with a clear plan of managing residual stocks post pop-up period, if necessary.


Successful – and on time – launch of pop-up stores in both Helsinki and Heathrow airports.

Project managed the on-time ‘snagging’ required – which was quite extensive given strict airport requirements.

Above expected sales, with extension of contract twice.

Gained the attention of other luxury brands to consider pop-up store options, opening a new stream of retail.

Superdry Watch Launch in WDFG: From zero to £1.5 million within 12 months

Moyra Race Superdry
Moyra Race Superdry

Context and Challenge

Based on an ICG (Inter City Group) request to develop a new self-select concept for Superdry Watches.

A team and I identified the high potential of the concept and took it from paper to production. We were tasked with designing 30+ self-select floor units and taking them from concept to shop floor in less than 3 months, in order to be operational before peak season trading.

It was also clear that this product should not be limited to UK business only, but had potential in overseas stores – therefore an expansion plan involving international airports was agreed. This required many different considerations including currencies, pricing, shipping, and export tariff details.

Process and Solution

Working with the supplier we agreed Ts & Cs for initial roll out, followed by a sales/volume based expansion in the UK and internationally.

Embracing flexibility we were able to launch and maintain the concept professionally within a short timeframe, taking into account stand and product availability.

Agreed a phased global roll out to allow for internal conversations and negotiations.

Results and Insight

An extremely successful product launch – so far beyond expectations that we saw low stock volume and replenishment in the first year. Tracking of low stock allowed us clear insight into potential stock requirements for the following season.

An international expansion plan and successful roll out, with a new merchandising and re-order process adopted.