Buying Efficiency

Buying efficiently leads to dynamic growth. With 30 years of global buying experience, I’ll show you how to future-proof your business.

Success in buying and purchasing comes from strategic thinking, yet not many businesses implement this correctly.

With more than 30 years experience in the buying world, I’ve spearheaded continued success for more than 500 brands and can assist your business in doing the same.

Growing your business is less about today and more about tomorrow. Targeted planning will ensure your tomorrow is brighter (and more prosperous!)

I always ensure the end-customer is the focal point and, by analysing your current business model according to them, I will present synergy and development opportunities that allow a combination of process simplification and strategic future plans, resulting in increased investment return and future growth.

If it sounds complicated – it’s not. I’ll show you the winning – tried and tested – methods to get you where you want to be. Contact me for more details.

Moyra Race Buying efficency


Strategic Assessment

Strategic assessment of your business means understanding your end-customer and adapting your business solutions to them. To understand the complexities of this I will undertake discussions with managers and key team members to analyse how your business currently functions, and where it can work harder for you. Together we’ll identify key areas which can be developed and strengthened. We’ll also run through scope of the requirement and where your business end goals lie, in order to assess and strategise the rest of the process.

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Process Review

The process review will highlight how to use your cash resources in the most effective way. I’ll evaluate your current business process behaviours such as ranging, buying, selection, stock replenishment, timelines and tools. I’ll also review all supplier Ts & Cs to gain a clear ‘objective’ review of potential profit and sales maximisation. This detailed analysis across the board allows visibility on all areas of improvement, including efficient use of finance.

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All undertaken work will include a detailed debrief of findings to include a forward-thinking action plan for change, recommendations for improvement, and suggested timelines.

strategic reporting

Analysis and Implementation

Where required I offer further implementation services to assist with actioning recommended strategies, as well as to advise on range planning and supplier/brand review. I can also conduct a future audit of results to complete the implementation line.

strategic analysis