How Unique are You?

What makes us different from each other? Think about it – we are all very complex individuals, all different in many ways.

So – what do you do to stand out from the crowd?

Take this to the next level – How unique is your business/brand?

If you want to sell your brand, goods or services to me, what do I need to know?

You could always just deliver your tried and tested sales pitch, you could make many assumptions about what I already know about you and your business. You could also assume because you know and love your ‘product’ that I will too. Will that be enough?

I’ve asked the question of many brands and business owners to tell me their USP’s at the beginning of my ‘Understanding the Buyers Mindset’ workshops and it never ceases to surprise me at the answers. Its also quite scary that its not even been a consideration for many.

In order to get closer to your Buyer/Customer you need to not only understand the uniqueness of what you are selling, but also the uniqueness of what the buyer wants!

To learn more about USP and UBP and how you can turn them into a successful sales pitch lets talk.

I provide a down to earth honest critique of your business/brand or service.

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