So much time, so little productivity. Really?!


There are so many posts, articles and features about how to look after yourself, how to manage your people, how to behave. We have never been more bombarded by people telling us how we should feel outside the norm.

How many of you have promised to learn a new skill, language, exercise, cook or paint? Even to play a musical instrument. Be honest, how much have you actually achieved? The biggest problem is where before the standard complaint was ‘I don’t have time’ now it’s completely on its head and ‘we have too much time!’. That’s a huge transition for our brains to cope with and the structure we loved to hate is no longer our excuse. So why aren’t we suddenly all geniuses at new found skills? Probably because it’s not really our passion and it’s a dream we never thought we would have the opportunity to live? Basically life is calling your bluff!

However in my opinion there is no need to beat yourself up for this, its all about what works for you. Our basic way of life is different now and we need to have a focus that will be of use to us in the future, when the new norm takes place. Hopefully most of us will go back to work – maybe in a different capacity, with different ways of working – but we do need to think commercially, it is the single most important aspect of any business.

When businesses open up again you are going to need to think commercially, of course manage your costs, but also how to use your limited resources to the best effect. I am mainly thinking of retail however this does still apply to most SME businesses. Basic management can be the difference between survival and closure.

For example; how big is your supplier base? Do you need so much choice? You can no longer be all things to all people. Back the strengths of your business, remind yourself what the core of your business is.

What makes you Unique?

Who is your customer? What are their most important needs tomorrow? What are the best services you can offer? Think about it – you have limited cash, they have limited cash – invest in both wisely!

Take time for you, take time for the family, but also importantly take time to plan what the future looks like!

I am happy to work with you and your teams to create a strategy for growth ‘on the other side’ and help you define how to streamline your resources.

Send me a message and lets have a Virtual Coffee! Stay Safe! Stay Inside!