Are you passionate about product?


What does ‘passionate about product’ actually mean? When you look in the dictionary (yes that big book that sits in the cupboard and smells like paper!) it defines passionate as ‘capable of, revealing or characterised by intense emotion’.

In the Thesaurus (the next big book in the cupboard beside the dictionary) it is defined as ‘fervent, excitable or loving’.

So, it is my belief that buyers should be passionate about the products they buy. This doesn’t mean they have to personally like them, they just have to be emotionally connected with them. A good buyer should be excited by their product category and the challenges it presents. They should set their own strategy (challenging the management if necessary) to make it successful and be visionary in embracing new ideas. It should be about thinking how to grow and develop for the future.

It should be as easy to be passionate about the lowest price product if it delivers volume (high demand) and margin as it is to be passionate about the luxury items that have been handcrafted by skilled craftsmen. It’s about understanding what that product/brand delivers for your business.

This doesn’t mean Buyers should be neglecting the core of their business – for sure all categories have the key items, best sellers, safe buys and volume products that must be part of any credible range. However, once the 80% of the ranges/brands/products are established then there is the opportunity to be creative with the remaining 20%. It’s the 20% that the end customer will remember and will be the difference that sets the buyer from the crowd and builds for the future.

When selling to a passionate buyer it is important to know and read from them what drives that emotional connection. Understand and listen to them and the vision they have, then presenting the products will have more meaning and ultimately success.

If you want to understand more about how to Read Buyers and optimise presentations then message me or give me a call. I’m very passionate about helping your business grow.

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