Launch of the Bvlgari Pop Up Store

Bringing a Luxury Brand to a new dimension in Retail.

Launch of the Bvlgari Pop Up Store

Context and Challenge.

For many brands waiting for the ‘right’ space in major airports can be challenging as most contracts are a minimum of 5 years and don’t come up for renewal often. New space is generally only created during major refits and therefore the options are limited.

Bvlgari had been waiting a considerable time to return to Heathrow Terminal 5, and were examining different ways to make this happen, to prove the sales potential of the brand to the airport. No luxury brand had considered the option of a Pop-Up store as it had not been deemed prestigious enough.

Process and Insight

Working in very close collaboration with Bvlgari and the Airport Authority initial designs were presented for a Pop-Up store. Locations were visited,  long discussions held, as space that is not currently retail cannot be simply changed use without the consent of many different departments. Designs were exchanged across all parties with the many considerations such as security, capacity, staffing all to be considered and agreed.

During the process the concept was also presented to Helsinki Airport where space was also very limited for several years ahead. The agreement on space in this location was a little simpler and gave the opportunity to test the concept before launching in Heathrow.

Once plans had been agreed and terms negotiated the stock had to be ordered and shop fill and replenishment agreed. When dealing with product made to order it can be exceptionally challenging to reserve the correct quantity especially when trialling a new concept. The high value nature of the investments made by both companies was a major consideration and had to be presented internally to senior management for approval.


The opening of the Bvlgari Pop Up in Helsinki was a major event for the airport and the brand and heavily publicised. There had to be a snagging list and follow up plan to ensure the Heathrow one was flawless.
Timescales in these projects are at best challenging and, with pressures to open in peak trade, it is vital to have clear channels of communication and all parties fully advised.

The Heathrow Pop up opened on time, with only a few glitches along the way, all of which were resolved efficiently after opening.

The sales have been above expectations and all parties satisfied with the results.

Further Luxury brands have since considered this as an option.

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